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I collected the following pics during the first few years of my business. The purpose of these photos is to give you an idea of the kinds of problems that a buyer won't ever see during a tour of a home. They aren't exactly the kinds of things that a seller would show off. These photographs are not stock photos. They were all taken by me during home inspections here in the Central Arkansas area. They represent only a small portion of the kinds of problems found. Some are serious safety issues, some are gross, and some just leave you wondering: "What were they thinking?"

If you are buying a brand new home and are undecided as to whether you need an inspection or not, here are a few photos showing why investing in the services of a qualified private inspector working ONLY for you can actually save you money. Possibly a LOT of money. Even in new homes that have had municipal inspections, some items can be missed. And, contractors sometimes alter work after the municipal inspections are done. Keep in mind that the the work schedule of the city inspectors keeps them from being able to spend much time on each individual home. Also, most small towns and unincorporated areas have no inspections at all. Unfortunately, some subcontractors use this opportunity to take shortcuts. If you buy a home where they have done this, the expense for correcting their sloppy work will fall on your shoulders if not discovered before you complete your purchase.

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